Warcraft 3 remastered


Warcraft 3 remastered

Hi, today I'm taking a bit of a departure from my usual topic of WoW, however I'm still staying firmly in blizzard territory.
A few months ago Blizzard released the remastered version of warcraft 3 with the expansion included. Now I am a great fan of the warcraft genre, I've been playing this game for about 10 years now and warcraft for about 5 before that.

Obviously I was first in line for the movie even though I expected a disappointing experience as it was targeted at a more casual audience. Obviously I was hyped out of my mind for a remake of the original warcraft with a pinch of trepidation as blizzard haven't really been hitting home runs since the legion expansion. To start with the good, the graphics themselves were pretty good, there were the occasional glitch here and there but it was a pretty smooth experience, however there plenty of characters that looked unrecognizable expecially Jaina who is one of the main chracters of the whole story, not just the human campaign.

The other mayor problem was also the fact that they discontinued the original warcraft 3 servers and b.net access which disabled players from playing it on the official servers, gaining them the wrath of not only the lich king but also quite a few of their most ardent fans.

These are my thoughts on the W3 remaster.