The Burning Crusade Private Server


The Burning Crusade Private Server

I'll be honest, with blizzard announcing that they're willing to release an official TBC and even WOTLK servers, I pretty much dropped everything and started searching for a good TBC private server.

Nostalgia has been gripping me for most of the last week and I'm almost done getting my first toon to 70 since i cant wait for Blizzard to move on from finding out whether we were interested in old school style servers and started actually working on it, which should be more than obvious from the interest garnered by Classic servers.

TBC is probably also going to be a lot better experience for people who haven't experienced old school wow yet, since it's a lot more polished experience and most importantly because the classes are a lot more balanced with every class being able to bring something unique to the group even if it is only their class buff.

The general consensus is also that they should bring out the TBC content from before it was nerfed, because players have pretty much leveled up in real life, with the most serious guilds clearing Molten core in less than a day of Classic's release. It would probably feel pretty bad if we saw the same with Illidan and late on Kael'thas.