Mistakes people make in Classic WoW


Mistakes people make in Classic WoW

Hi, I've recently started playing Classic again while i'm waiting for the official BC servers. But i've also been brushing up on my BC raids on a private wow server. Today however i'd like to share a few mistakes I've seen newer players make in classic wow.

Taking on too many enemies at once

You generally see this with people who are used to playing retail, where a player can comfortably take on 5 or more normal monsters and come out on top without too much of a hassle. However in the Classic you start out as a lowly normal member of your race and are not in any way a great hero. Which means that taking on even 2 monsters at once is gonna be a tricky proposition and it might just spell the end of your early hero career. However this can be avoided by being careful how close you are to mobs of monsters and always using a ranged weapon to target the stragglers and loners. Obviously you could also group up which is the whole point of Classic and so it will make it alot easier for you.

Not getting flight points

This is what i've seen frustrate people the most. my recommendation, the first thing you do when you get to a new region, is to pull up a map of the region and get all the flight paths you can. That will not only probably reveal most he regions map ingame but it will also help you with finding the landmarks mentioned in quests and most importantly it will speed up your travel time considerably. People generally play down the amount of straight walking you do in classic and even when you do get a mount it's still a lot slower than simply taking a griffin or chimera.


Starting out, doing dungeons isnt the best way to level up. The mob experience is gonna be split between your whole party and the experience is not that good to be begin with. Now obviously there are exceptions, you might have heard of the mages aoe farming dungeons for exp or people getting carried for it. However being grouped with 4 other people you just probably wont get as much experience as you would questing. The other major exception is the gear you get from dungeons generally overshadows that you might get from the same level of quest or world drops, this is a major driving point for some classes like warrior who are very weapon dependant.

Not saving up

Now obviously sooner or later you're gonna want to use your money and in a way, that's what it's there for. However i'd like to warn you about a few pitfalls associated with that. First one is getting the mount at lvl 40. This is pretty hard even if you're extremely frugal and its rarely achieved without some very stern planning and grinding. Next one is leveling up your skills. You might be tempted to level up all your skills whenever you can. However if you think about it a bit you see that you're not actually using all of your skills for most combats and therefore they're not really making you much stronger while still costing the same as the skills you're using all the time. The last advice about saving money is gonna be to plan your build carefully and in advance, as relearning talents can get extremely expensive in a world where you also have to finance your skills and that brand new shiny mound.