Minecraft servers for beginners


Minecraft servers for beginners

Minecraft servers can be vastly different from one another. It can be difficult to choose which server to spend your time on, with so many available. This can make it difficult for new players and beginners.

Some Minecraft servers make it easy for new players and members to join the server. These servers are well-equipped with detailed tutorials, active staff teams, a helpful community, and exciting gameplay.


Mox MC, a Minecraft server that is located in a towny setting, has been able to provide quality gameplay features and has remained committed to player-driven design. Mox MC is a great option for beginners because of its friendly nature.

Newbies will find it much easier thanks to the extensive tutorial guide on the server and the positive attitude of the large server community.


Safe survival is a fantastic vanilla Minecraft server that attempts a “single-multiplayer” feeling. It is confusing, but it does not mean that the server has much more than the popular Minecraft single-player mode.

It also has many features that make it a great place to start. These include a simple spawn layout, grief protection, and the ability to keep inventory items enabled upon death.


Simple Survival is a survival-based Minecraft server that focuses on keeping Minecraft gameplay as simple as possible. This server does not overcomplicate player experiences by adding complex, arguably ineffective features that are common on many other servers.

Simple Survival is not afraid to add features that enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience. These include land claims, a player-based economy system and an item shop mechanic. There is even a unique spawner feature that is exclusive to this server.


Creative fun allows Minecraft players to create on their own plot of land. Because of its simplicity and uncompetitive nature, it is great for beginners in Minecraft. Only the creative mode is what the server has to offer. It's about having fun and helping others build.

The server is simple enough to learn for most people in just a few minutes. However, there are some fun gameplay enhancement features that can be added to make it more enjoyable. Rollback to avoid griefing, roleplay player namestags, and world-edit access for more experienced users are just a few of the features.


Skyblock.net is a website that focuses on the Minecraft skyblock game mode. Skyblock.net was the first to introduce the popular game mode and it has been regarded as the best place to get a simple skyblock experience.

According to the server, it is “the way skyblock was intended to be played.” It's difficult to argue with their logic, especially when you consider that they created the game mode.

Because of its impeccable reputation and the helpful community that will help anyone in need with any server-related questions, it is an enjoyable experience for beginners.